CLIX CAPITAL: The Core Attributes to Future ‘Readiness’

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Clix Capital has been in the business for the last 3 years. Since its inception in September 2016, the company has grown 8X in AUM and 10 per cent in the employee base. The founders, Mr Pramod Bhasin and Mr Anil Chawla along with the CEO Mr Bhavesh Gupta have led from the front keeping employees at the heart of everything. The company has been established to be future-ready. Clix has been able to build a very unique position for itself in the financial world in a really short time and it continues to grow each day. The company has reached a mark where it is enviably positioned as a leading digital lender partnering with fintech companies. It has been competing with traditional NBFCs in their domain and has been highly successful in doing so. Clix has a hybrid distribution model and is technology savvy to compete with the most advanced fintech companies in the market.

 Being Future Ready

 Industry dynamics are changing each day and competition is fierce. Clix Capital strives to stay ahead in the future by continuing to innovate while excelling in the present.

The greatest disruption in the lending business has been caused by time. This service has become on-the-go for the public. The market is awash with fintech companies trying to revolutionize lending. Professional Fintech companies like Clix Capital view this opportunity as:

  • Designing the process of accessing credit so it becomes much easier and more convenient digitally for consumers and partners which in turn will significantly reduce the loan turnaround time for customers.
  • Embrace innovation and other advanced technologies in their operations.
  • Have a clear vision with well-articulated values and culture coupled with flawless execution.

The Core Attributes to Future ‘Readiness’

The future-readiness of the organisation encompasses several core attributes, namely, Technology, Talent, Distribution, Products, Processes etc.

Innovation has to be the essence of every organisation despite it of being from any industry.

  • Clix is heavily invested in keeping up with the trends in business and effectively employing technology wherever possible to amplify the speed and overall business impact.
  • It is essential to invest carefully in research to foresee and prepare for the evolving needs of the customer. They always strive to upskill and be in touch with new emerging technologies. Clixters will continue their technology obsession and will continue making it their USP.
  • At Clix, the credit managers are trained on ML-based Scorecards and EWS models to keep them ahead of digital trends in the lending business. They are developing and continuously improving analytical machine-learning models to pre-qualify cross-sell offers.

‘Fail Fast, Learn Faster’ Approach

As an organization, Clix Capital swear by the rule of ‘fail fast, learn faster’. They actively experiment with new product ideas and phase them out if they do not work out. The entire organisation adapted well to this approach of active experimentation. The company have their faith in driving adaptability by providing adequate platforms for taking risks and seeking new ideas.

Talent Strategies

Clix Capital is highly conscious of identifying top talent based on performance & potential and strengthen the ideation for taking up larger roles- both via classroom-based interventions as well as live projects to focus on and build core skills.

Learning Experience Platform

In the area of learning, Clix Capital has moved a step ahead and set-up a Learning Management System, a Learning Experience Platform. With its powerful AI-based recommendation engine that pitch learning content relevant to an employee’s job, interests etc.

The Idiotproof Digital Interface

With the rapid change in the market, digital is the only future. The introduction of Idiotproof digital interface will make it exceptionally convenient for customers and partner to merge with the organisation. The availability of web platforms, dedicated apps, AI-enabled bot makes external stakeholder adopt digital fairly quickly and delicately.

A Day in the Market

All the Clixters above a certain band are encouraged to spend 1-3 days each month in the market meeting various customers, fintech partners, DSAs, banks etc. Then the same employees report to the supervisors with recommended solutions in the regular business review. This is their way of training the ‘learning leaders’.

Cross-Pollination of Ideas

The teams at the organisation consist of people from various industries like outsourcing, eCommerce, edtech etc. This indubitably allows diverse ideas on the table. Also, one of the biggest successful experiment is by rotating staff and making them learn new skills, this brings in multifold ideas into the organisation and helps it grow over time.