Dineout : Sharing Core Attributes of Successful Leaders 

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The Future of Leadership   


Dineout is a technology-based company that seeks to revolutionize the way in which Indians dine at restaurants. To do this, the leaders at Dineout must be visionary and innovative, constantly evaluating the changes and shifts in the market in order to foresee the needs of future customers. Many of the products released by Dineout are quite ahead of their time, such as Inresto Dine-in and Inresto Valet Management.   

Hence, leaders at the company not only have to analyze the needs of future customers and develop products accordingly, but they also must know how to generate interest among buyers for an innovative digital product that they have never used before. Across the corporate world, leadership is evolving and changing to become more focused on vision, foresight, innovation, and creative problem solving than ever before.   

Leadership Strategy   

Over the years, Dineout has created and implemented a comprehensive strategy for leadership development at the junior, middle and top levels of organizational management. At the junior level, the emphasis is laid on the individual employee. Any milestones achieved by an employee, which is in line with the goals and priorities of the company, are recognized and celebrated by the leaders and managers in order to boost morale and motivate high performers.  

At the mid-level, leaders are tasked with ensuring that employees have interesting opportunities for professional growth and great overall career satisfaction. Regular formal and informal assessments are also performed to gauge the performance of each employee and reward the best performers.   

Finally, at the senior level, leaders are trained to analyze market trends and identify the right business opportunities while at the same time driving innovation and research to develop future-focused products for digitally savvy modern customers. 

Best Hiring Practices  

At Dineout, the approach to leadership hiring emphasizes the need for a perfect match between the company and the candidate. Hiring great and effective leaders requires an alignment of fundamental goals and values. It is not just about the company hiring the right candidate, it is also about the candidate choosing the right company that will allow him or her to grow, learn and build the career they dream of.  

To this end, senior candidates applying for leadership roles at Dineout are given the opportunity to interact with the founders of the company as well as with the team that they will be working with if they decided to take up the job. This allows the candidate to gauge whether the goals and vision of the organization align with their own. Hence, at Dineout, the pre-hiring process has been designed to include multiple interactions wherein the vision, culture, and processes of the company are laid out for all senior candidates to see and understand.

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Core Attributes of Successful Leaders  

In the modern world, the leaders who achieve success are those who can thrive in environments that are unpredictable and changing rapidly with every passing day. Another important attribute of a successful leader is the ability to understand their own limitations and hire people who are more knowledgeable and skilled than them.   

A good leader can recognize talent and delegate tasks in accordance with the core competencies of individual employees. Dineout has, since its inception, hired capable young leaders who inspire their teams to perform better and deliver to the best of their ability.   

At Dineout, in-house talent is nurtured and trained for future leadership roles within the company. Great potential leaders are identified by certain attributes that they display in the workplace, such as approachability, vision, a propensity to take well-thought-out action, and the desire to empower their team members.   

Diversity and Organizational Structure  

Diversity of thought, experience and skills is essential for growth, creativity, and innovation in any organization. Diverse teams bring more perspectives as well as broader, more nuanced ideas to the table.   

At Dineout, the promotion of diversity in the workplace starts with the company’s recruitment strategy. Individuals from different professional backgrounds are recruited for the varied experiences, ideas and skills that they bring with them. Bi-weekly board meetings are organized to promote transparency and innovation through brainstorming and the free flow of ideas among the leaders and managers of the company.   

Regular training sessions are held for managers and leaders to teach them divergent and convergent ways of thinking and various problem-solving strategies. During these sessions, leaders get the opportunity to learn from one another as well as from the designated coaches.   

Dineout is an umbrella organization that has several other businesses and verticals within it. Moreover, the company has acquired various other businesses over the years, and the founders of each of these businesses remain deeply engaged with their products and employees. This allows the founders of different businesses and the leaders of different verticals within Dineout to ideate and brainstorm together for the growth and development of the business as a whole.    

Changes in the Leadership Development Paradigm   

Dineout is ready for the paradigm shifts that are bound to happen within the organization as well as in the industry at large, as a result of the technological and social transformations engulfing the country.  

The national and vertical heads of Dineout will be the flagbearers of change and progress within the organization and will determine the direction that the company will take in the upcoming years. The leadership team is committed to making Dineout a world leader in the realm of food tech innovation.  

For this, the leaders at Dineout are expected to thoroughly analyze domestic and international market trends and make informed decisions in service of the company’s overarching goals and vision.