From Pankaj Bansal’s Desk – Change is coming

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A great paradigm shift is taking place in the field of HR and our generation is at the eye of the storm. The shift is already happening and the HR world as we know it, will be replaced by a new order of digitally transformed and highly effective way of working. In our need to understand and predict this Future of Work, we’re striving continuously to identify patterns, discuss possibilities & implement changes. Our latest effort towards this vision is the New Code of Work! 

 The New Code of Work (NCOW) is to awaken the three crucial elements of what makes a work life ideal, Joy, Meaning and Energy.  But how does any organization achieve that? How do we reach a place where employees and users are at the center of any change?

While we had these and many other questions on our minds, we set ourselves to identify the specific areas that would contribute to making an ideal workspace environment.  

We found out that Productivity, Meaning at Work, Experience and Future Readiness, along with the organization’s overall success are some of the contributing factors. We wanted to dive deeper and understand their impact on future readiness and so we set on a journey to talk about these areas. Thus, Thus, The New Code of Work was born. NCOW aims to be a place where conversations about the future of work can happen freely with ideas, contributions and thoughts from across the industries. We will bring learnings through stories on future ready companies, delighting podcasts, thoughts and interesting insights on industry trends. 

New Code of Work is getting HR to the mainstream, shifting the fundamentals of monolithic traditional

systems and replacing them with agile ones, while keeping the culture of an organization as the center.

Let’s look into the 4 success factors of companies of future;

  • Productivity: The measure of output / work hours. Productivity remains the major aspect of New Code of Work as the changing landscape and automation is going to alleviate the productivity level at work. In a productive workplace everyone’s role is valued, and all staffs are encouraged to contribute ideas.
  • Meaning at work: Resembles a person’s experience of something meaningful, something of value that the work provides. Finding passion at work helps in establishing deeper engagements and innovativeness at work.
  • Experience: Providing a delightful digital experience in the digital era to the employees and enhancing interaction in the workplace.
  • Future Readiness: The measures to an organization’s skill, cultural, adaptability, learning readiness and building talent for next generation.

So, join us on this intriguing quest to explore the elements of what will make the future of work. Let’s talk about the gig economy, the revamping of performance management systems, the addition of value to work and new definitions of productivity. Let’s explore how companies are providing great experiences for their employees and how they are preparing themselves for the future. Join us to be prepared for what’s coming next. Join us to be ready for the Future!